Photo’s taken January 22, 2017.

I grew up hiking around lakes, through caves and over mountains. It took me years to consider walking on boardwalks through swamps and sloughs to be hiking. Hiking is considered walking great distance for recreation within natural environments. Boardwalks allow you to step into nature without getting your feet wet, help preserve the land and protect the critters.

One of my favorite places to hike is Six Mile Cypress Slough, a 1.2 mile boardwalk that winds through a slough. There are 5 observation decks that overlook lakes and ponds where you can almost always see creatures.

Hiking and photography were the only things I found true joy in for the longest time. I went walking as much as I could. The more depressed I was the more locations I would explore. I would stop at six mile cypress at least once or twice during the week nights. I enjoy the fresh air, creating wishlists for critter sightings, catching the first shot of a species I haven’t seen before or a better shot of one I always find. I love being able to tell the visiting tourist families names of creatures or discussing my favorite finds with other birders.

Over the past few months my life has completely changed- my friends are part of my life again, I got a great promotion at work, a suffocating toxic relationship ended and I live on my own for the first time in my life. It’s a little overwhelming. With all of the changes I took a step away from my camera and a leap away from my new blog. With this being said I hope to create and stick with a blog schedule over the next few weeks. I have a number of posts that were in queue including this one from January. I will try and tie them in with new posts here and there.



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