Lens Rentals

For a little over a year now I have been eyeing a wide angle lens for landscape photos. A few weeks ago I was asked to take real estate photos. I love opportunities, a challenge and taking photos so of course I said yes! I immersed myself in real estate photography tips, guides and lists of equipment immediately. I realized I would need the exact lens from my wishlist!

The 10-24mm lens is the widest 10mm lens which covers a 109° angle within the frame. This gives you a range close to fisheye without as much distortion. This lens is ideal for landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, architecture and more.

I have always seen advertisements for photography equipment rentals but none of them are local. Since I couldn’t just drive over and take a look I began to read through reviews. I decided to choose Lensrentals. I picked the 7 day rental starting on a Friday. I had it mailed to a Fed Ex office since I would be at work when it would be delivered. It arrived at Fed Ex at 9 am and as soon as I got out of work I went and picked up the lens.

The 10-24mm lens was well packed with a lens hood, lens bag and lens caps. The lens has a manual and auto focus mode which clearly focus on items as close as 0.8 feet with. You cannot use your built in on-camera flash, this will cause shadows on the bottom center of your photo. Since I don’t have a hot-shoe flash I depended on natural light.

Here are a few posts that include photos taken with this lens in the order they were taken. Hopefully you can see improvement over the week:

How Beautiful The Darkness Is


Wings Over Water


All That Jazz


An Iron Skeletal Tower


After 7 days I packed the lens safely back in the box it was shipped to me in, stuck the return sticker over the old delivery sticker and dropped it off at a Fed Ex. I would recommend using Lens Rental and I will defiantly use them again.  My conclusion is that I see a 10-24mm lens in my future-the real estate photos I took were a hit and  I had a blast using the lens around town for fun.


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