Museum Of The Streets Part 2

DSC_0834DSC_0837Ten years ago Wynwood was a rundown industrial park with a few street artists attempting to bring attention to their neighborhood by showcasing their own art. Over time the area changed into a destination for creatives internationally. Unfortunately the area was purchased by developers allowing the properties to be capitalized on while the growing art culture gentrified the area. Most of the art you find currently have been made by out of town artists, some are even repainted by new artists during Miami’s yearly Art Basel Art Festival. DSC_0841DSC_0892

The Star Wars tribute wall is one of my favorite murals we happened upon during our trip. Standing 30 feet tall and 176 feet wide, on the side of an abandoned RC Cola Factory you can find one of the largest murals in Wynwood. Created by more than 20 artists Cushy Gigs. Kickstarter crowd funding in 2015 allowed the artists interpretation of the Star Wars story and characters to come to life.


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