Six Mile Cypress 3/6/17
Rotary Park 3/25/17
Waffles 2/12/17




  1. I just reviewed my goals too! It’s crazy how quick the year goes. One of my goals is to go on more ‘coffee dates’ with friends – it’s too easy these days to just txt and chat over social media. It’s nice to have face to face interaction!

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    1. It has flown by! That is such a wonderful goal! I have been getting into the habit of having dinner with friends once a week and breakfast with a friend once a week. Face to face interaction is so much more personal!

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  2. I need to reflect on mine too. Reading through this makes me really sad. I didn’t think the recent changes had effected your happiness this much. I feel like I should have been doing more, or maybe not made so many stupid jokes about it.
    I’m glad you’re going on more adventures and reaching out to more friends. We will figure out how to make new friends.

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    1. Definitely make a reflection post for yourself. So much has changed over the past five months. I honestly was in a good mood while writing this post. I have appreciated your jokes, keep ’em coming. We will find incredible friends soon.

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