Wings Over Water


The annual Wings Over Water Festival at Harns Marsh is a way for ECWCD, FGUA, Audubon, Lee County Conservation 20/20 and more to inform the public about Southwest Florida’s waterways, wildlife and parks.

Last week a friend asked “I’m going to this thing, the WOW Festival, it’s at some nice park, was wondering if you’d like to go?” and I accepted the invitation. I was super surprised that I hadn’t heard of the festival before (this is it’s sixth year).

It was nice to be around so many naturalists with many different levels of knowledge about different topics. I found a few new hiking trails to add to my list from the Audubon table. I even spoke with an apiarist with a mini model of a Langstroth hive!

Langstroth styled hives are designed with movable frames which the bees build honey comb into. Placing these evenly prevents the bees from connecting the frames to the walls of the hive which causes destruction when it is time to harvest honey.

I will definitely be returning to Harns Marsh to explore more of the 578 acres. You can find a list here of critters you can see there on a regular day!



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