The Architecture Building


The front porch in 2017.
The front porch in 2011.

The architecture building will forever be my favorite spot in the urban sprawl of the River District. The first time I stumbled upon this property was sometime in 2006 with my close friend Michelle. This brightly colored building, container garden and art display screams Florida.

Surrounded by succulents, cacti, philodendrons and tropical flora. A non native garden flourishes in an array of planters made of anything that will hold weight. The most popular items found are always glass bottles and bowling balls. While this courtyard is haunting some native plant buffs dreams I can’t get enough of it. Over the years I have enjoyed watching the upcycled art accumulate on this property. Upcycling is the process of changing an item into something useful, beautiful or even both! Upcycling goes hand in hand with recycling to reduce our consumption of new raw materials and reduces waste.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information about this property and it’s history. We have talked with an architect(hence why we call it the Architect Building) that rents the space twice- The first time in 2011 we were shown the front room of the inside of the building, which was very dark and filled with large upcycled art and bookshelves. The second time being this trip in which we were allowed to walk through the garden briefly.Comparing the photos I had taken in 2011 vs. this past weekend feels very surreal and metaphoric. I am so glad we took the time to check up on this spot.

Hambre watching out for us in the 2017 new year.
Hambre’s spot being held in 2011.
Upcycled planter!



The rooftop in 2017.
The rooftop in 2011.




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